Nkola App is a product by TUNGA INNOVATIONS LTD (T.I.L), an innovations company that develops apps to further awareness on social, justice and health issues. It is a limited liability company based in Kampala city.

Nkola is a Luganda word which can be translated as "I work" or "Am working". Used in its local context, the phrase inspires a culture of hard work and personal sacrifice. We believe that workers and employers should have at their disposal, tools that enable them resolve their issues quickly and in healthy ways. Technology makes this possible

Using technology to prevent or resolve disputes at places of work.

Healthy Labour, Healthy Nations!


  1. Enabling faster resolution of workplace issues
  2. Lowering the cost of access to employment law services
  3. Providing individualized access to the Complementing the roles of labor market support mechanisms such as employer associations, labor unions, NGOs and Government.
  4. Creating awareness on the tangible benefits of rights and obligations at work places
  5. Analysing data and interpreting employment data

Meet the Team

Thomas Asiimwe

Marketing & Sales Officer

Patricia Kankunda

Communications Officer

Linda Alinda Ikanza

Team Leader

Joseph Lutwa

Product Development Officer