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All our charity activities will be better with your donation. We call on fundraising from anything that you can.
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We provide support to users of our app in taking decisions on the information received. This includes discussion of the results received and available options provided under the law on the next course of action.
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We analyse and test the existing data available regarding work place trends and provide interpretation to market players of this date.
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Why Choose Us

Nkola is a Luganda word which can be translated as “I work” or “Am working”. Used in its local context, the phrase inspires a culture of hard work and personal sacrifice. We believe that workers and employers should have at their disposal, tools that enable them resolve their issues quickly and in healthy ways. Technology makes this possible.
Using technology to prevent disputes at places of work.
Providing quick answers on workers’ rights.
- Enabling faster resolution of work place issues - Lowering the cost of access to employment law services - Providing individualised access to the law - Complementing the roles of labour market support mechanisms such as employer associations, labour unions, NGOs and Government. - Creating awareness on the tangible benefits of rights and obligations at work places - Analysing data and interpreting employment data


- Definition of overtime - Overtime rate on Normal Working days - Overtime rate on Public Holidays / Rest days



- Annual Leave – Find out your annual leave based on how long you have worked without leave. - Maternity – Find out when you should return to work after giving birth. - Paternity - Find out when you should return to work after having a child birth.


Find out how much notice you should receive or give before leaving a job

Reporting Feature

We are developing a feature where work related issues can be reported for advise on the next course of action

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